Copy and content are essential to any brand's success. From a UX perspective, copy can make or break a user's understanding of your product. From a content perspective, engaging material builds a relationship with your audience and turns your brand into an authority in your space. 

I have worked with brands to identify the type of content current and potential audiences care about. I have written blog posts, persona profiles, copy, and video scripts for companies based on their existing and potential audiences. 




One of my clients with Fanbread is Ashley Benson, actress of Pretty Little Liars and influencer. The content I pitch, write, and edit for her blog focuses on a young, female demographic. I write quizzes, articles, and listicles that appeal to her audience's pop culture interests that results in highly shareable content. 


Quiz: How Long Would You Have Lasted As Miranda Priestly's Assistant? (Quiz seen by 35k, taken by 28k)

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